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Xender For BlackBerry Free Download | Download Xender for BlackBerry: Technology has spread over in a hierarchy such that paying the way for the widespread development of innovative tools in the form of applications for the smartphones. One such extended branch of the technology is the file-sharing applications. Though these types of apps were available in numbers, Xender app marks the best of all and is rated as the most downloaded app from the store. The Xender file sharing app works on different platforms, and this article deals precisely with the Xender app for BlackBerry OS. Any Xender installed smart devices could transfer any types of files without needing an internet connection and external cables. Xender for BlackBerry allows its user to share unlimited file size among other xender users in a fraction of seconds.  Transferring made easier and faster with Xender. Know more about the app and download Xender for BlackBerry.

Xender For BlackBerry

Xender For BlackBerry

Xender was initially released in 2012 in China by Xender Team. It was later released in all parts of the world in 2013. Xender is a cross-platform application that is used for unlimited file sharing. Currently, Xender works as Xender for Android, Xender for iOS, Xender for Windows Phone, Xender for Windows PC, Xender for Mac PC, and Xender for BlackBerry versions.

Xender Overview:

Xender is a powerful file sharing application for sharing different files that include photos, videos, music, documents, movies, and even apps without needing to spending a single buck. Xender app functions much like the Bluetooth option through which we had transferred files earlier. However, Xender is the fastest file transferring option when compared to the Bluetooth concerning transferring rate and size of the file. Also, no need for any external cables to share files from smartphones to PCs. Share any file with multiple devices with a maximum of 5 members with one single click with Xender app.

Xender For BlackBerry

Xender For BlackBerry

Xender For BlackBerry-Features:

Xender is a file sharing app developed for transferring files between different devices. Xender App functions much like a Wi-Fi. i.e. A secured connection would be established while transferring files. The technology is called as Wi-Fi Direct. Look at its features from the list below.

  • Transfer files with a flash speed of about 10 M/S with Xender app.
  • Transfer all kinds of files that include music, pictures, videos, movies, documents, and even apps without any data connection.
  • Need not use any external cable to share the files at any time from anywhere between different devices.
  • With Xender app the user could share larger files even without any limitations.
  • Shares files from old phone to new phone with a smart switch option like contacts, SMS, photos, audio, movies, videos, games, documents and more with Xender app.
  • Transfer files to a maximum of 5 devices connected at the same time with Xender app installed.
  • Share files between smartphones, tablets, and PCs. i.e., cross-platform support.

Steps To Use Xender On BlackBerry:

  • Note that both the sender and receiver device must have Xender app installed on it for file sharing.
  • Turn on the wireless option on the BlackBerry phone (i.e., Settings->Wifi->Enable).
  • Select the files you wish to send to the receiver device.
  • On the other side, the receiver device needs to look for the available device to get connected for file transfer.
  • Turn on the wifi and select the username to start receiving the files via Xender from BlackBerry phone.
  • Press the send option to complete the file transfer from the BlackBerry phone.

Advantages Of Using Xender App:

  • Faster than faster file transfers between devices.
  • Multiple files can be shared.
  • Share files of unlimited file size.
  • Connect without internet, Bluetooth, and cables.
  • Easier and works faster than AirDrop.
  • Transfer data without any near field communication (NFC).
  • Transfers files with high quality without any reduction in the file type.
  • Share files between different devices with Xender installed.

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Hope the article provides you necessary information about Xender BlackBerry version. Comment us for any queries regarding Xender app for BlackBerry OS.

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